Key Feature – Listening

One of the key features of crafting a custom piece for a client is listening.  Most people desire a custom piece for one of three reasons: a specialized need, a different size or a different color.

How often have you seen a piece of furniture and were told “it only comes in that color or wood” or, you said, “that piece would be perfect if it was a little larger”.

Recently, we were given such a challenge.  A client came to us with multiple ideas for a wine rack.  They wanted a wine rack similar to the rack shown.

However, they wanted more “cubbyholes” for wine (60 as opposed to 55)).  And, since, the wine that was to be placed in each cubby hole was for show, could we craft and idea that allow for light to cascade from the to back light the wine bottles?  They also wanted a warmer and darker wood in the wine rack.

And, they wanted a different base.  The base of the wine rack that you see above was too enclosed.  So, the challenge came; we were provided two different bases and were asked, “Can you come up with a design that incorporates both styles?”  They wanted pull-out drawers in the middle, but they wanted open sides for display.

After a few drawings and discussions with the client, we presented them with a custom wine rack that met their requirements and provided a few bonus features.

We custom built this wine rack. It has been crafted from Angelique (a wood in the teak family).  The finish is a natural lacquer.  As requested, we created a base that has drawers in the middle.

Each drawer is mounted on a full extension, under mount, self-closing slide.  We incorporated open space on either side of the drawers for a wine glass storage as well as ample room for openness or a decorative item.

We also added a bonus feature to the base.  Immediately to the left and right on the drawers are not just support features; they are hidden compartments.  It seems that our client was also an aficionado of scotch and desired a location to hold is preferred adult libation.

Now, the client has a unique piece that satisfies their tastes and requirements.

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Andy Steinberg is a master craftsman who creates beautiful, one-of-a-kind, all-wood, custom furniture pieces at Big Drawers Furniture. He specializes in building plus-size chests and other furniture that fits larger clothing or just larger wardrobes. In addition to stand-alone pieces, he creates custom built-ins to fit unique spaces. His museum-quality furniture is destined to become heirlooms.