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Why We Build Over-Size Furniture That Fits Everyone : It’s Personal.

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The difference is obvious. Standard size chest in front ot two Big Drawers chests

They say that necessity is the mother of invention, and that is certainly the case in the history of Big Drawers Furniture. About 10 years ago, Big Drawers owner Andy Steinberg, who is 6’4” tall and wears an XL or XXL size, began searching for a chest that had ample drawer space for his golf shirts, sweaters and sweatshirts. After a fruitless search all over the country, he commissioned a chest to be crafted for him.

Problem solved – and idea born.

When the chest was delivered, Andy’s girlfriend, a petite lady of 5’5”, inspected the chest of drawers and declared that she also wanted one. When he asked why, she said that “there isn’t a woman out there with enough drawer space.” So they had a second chest built.

As they told friends and family about the chests, people inquired more about them. After pondering the idea for a while, Andy decided to hone his woodworking skills and in 2005 began building these “big-drawered” chests. Imagine a drawer that can hold 40 XXL golf shirts, or 12 XXL sweatshirts or bulky sweaters for a gentleman!

Over sized chest of drawers, custom wood furniture

The Big Drawer with 20 XXL polo shirts. Ready for 20 more!

Today, Andy thrives on the look of satisfaction that comes to the face of a client when he creates a custom piece of furniture. “I work to give someone what they want, not what I think they should want,” he says. “And when that happens, I see the excitement and appreciation from the client, and that is so rewarding to me.”

Because he knows that these are pieces that will be passed down from one generation to another, Andy refuses to cut corners in either materials or construction. “I’m creating my legacy in wood,” he says simply. “This will be what I leave behind, and I want it to be the best I can make it.”

He says he will never “sell out” by having his pieces outsourced overseas. “My furniture hails to an era when ‘made in the USA’ meant quality,” he says. “And I care about quality. There is an added price for quality, but the value of this furniture is far greater than the price.”