Going Green

We Are Passionate About the Source of out Materials

We are very environmentally conscious about the choice of building materials. We are constantly on the lookout for all types of recycled or reclaimed lumber.

“I work to give someone what they want, not what I think they should want,” says owner Andy Steniberg. “And when that happens, I see the excitement and appreciation from the client, and that is so rewarding to me. That includes the use of recycled woods.”

Whenever we can, we use wood from managed forests. Our clients also frequently request custom built custom furniture made from reclaimed wood pictured at right. . Many small flaws give the finished furniture a unique character. As well, we assist you in your selection of hardware to enhance the uniqueness of your custom designed piece. .

recycled lumber, reclaimed lumber, custom wooden furniture

Damaged wood can be made into eye-catching pieces.

“My furniture hails to an era when ‘made in the USA’ meant quality,” he says. “And I care about quality. There is an added price for quality, but the value of this furniture is far greater than the price.”

Big Drawers Features

  1. natural hardwood construction
  2. natural protection – no stains (unless requested). We use clear satin lacquer
  3. through-dovetailed, boxed, or hidden dovetail drawers
  4. traditional mortise and tenon body construction
  5. modern biscuit and pocket screw joinery
  6. full extension undermount self-closing drawers on the Big Drawer and similar pieces