Custom Make-up Vanity

Of all the pieces that we have crafted, none had more input for custom design than the make-up vanity.  This custom vanity had input from professional make-up artists.   All of these folks have heard feedback from their clients over the years as well as the issues they had experienced.

The most desired aspect of the vanity was organized space.  A constant complaint was a place for each type of make-up within the vanity.  Depending on your cosmetic choices, we can incorporate drawers for lip liners, eye liners and lipsticks.  On either side of the work area of the make-up vanity, we incorporated trays within trays for your eye shadows and blushes.

A place to store and separate the various brushes was the next most sought after resolution.  So, the custom brush caddy was designed.  For one client, because of the numerous brushes, we crafted a caddy to hold 20 brushes.  The holes for each brush were drilled at an angle for optimum storage.  The caddy has a handle so you can lift the caddy out from the drawer and take your brushes to the sink area for cleaning.

The concept of this vanity is the time it saves for makeup application because all of your make-up is organized and easily accessible.  All the products are right there; there is no frantic search through a drawer trying to locate that favorite eye shadow or eye liner.

When you finish your makeup application, all your products go back into their designated space and you simply close the drawers and tops and have a clean and beautiful vanity.  All your makeup is in a concealed, dust-free area.

To avoid those surprise make-overs from the little ones or to prevent your teenage daughter access to Mom’s makeup, we can put locks on the vanity.  So, the make-up vanity is just as Mom left it.

And, if have your own ideas, let us know.  We will do what we can to incorporate your ideas into the vanity.  Remember, this will be a custom vanity built just for you.

Unique Custom Furniture to Fit Your Lifestyle


Custom furniture is the perfect option for adapting your environment to your unique wants and needs. Furniture shopping can be frustrating, especially if you have a vision of exactly what you want but are unable to find it. Opting to commission custom built furniture enables you to specify all the details, everything from choice of materials to dimensions are your decisions.

There are many real advantages to custom crafted furniture. Since each piece is hand-crafted to your personal specs, the piece will be totally unique. Choose your favorite wood, choose the exact dimensions to fit you comfortably and choose the style to complement your home (or office) décor. Opting for custom pieces puts you in the driver’s seat.

How many furniture shopping trips have you endured only to settle on pieces that are close to what you want but not quite right? Why settle? Look into having furniture built that fits your lifestyle and reflects your personality.


plus-sized furniture, custom-made furniture in Hampton Roads

LeBron James — Imagine him using Big Drawers Furniture! Image via Wikipedia

Over-size custom furniture is a great option for those who are larger than the average size population. Very tall persons often suffer extreme discomfort in regular sized seats. For example, imagine LeBron James seated on an average sized couch; his knees would likely be up somewhere around his chest. Such a tall person would benefit from buying furniture designed specifically to fit their long legs and torso.

Broader and heavier-than-average persons often experience embarrassment and anxiety when presented with standard seating. Average chairs may not be sturdy enough to hold the bulk of a large body; over-size furniture made specifically for heavy duty are a good choice for heavier body types. There is no need to sacrifice beauty and style for durability, craftsman design and build gorgeous heirloom quality pieces for all rooms of the home. Wider styles of furniture are also known as “chair and a half” styles.

Selecting the right craftsman for the job should be undertaken with care. Ask to see samples of their previous work; contact references if at all possible. Choose a builder that you can readily communicate with; only hire a craftsman you are comfortable with and trust. Your builder may have suggestion during the process; be certain to pay heed to their ideas. You are hiring this person for his knowledge and experience; he should know more than you about building furniture. If your builder warns you that the wood you have selected is inappropriate for your intended use, listen to their advice. Most likely, you will be very glad you did.

If you are tired of “making do” with furniture that does not fit your lifestyle, take control of the situation. Envision the furniture you want and commission pieces designed to make you happy.

Get the best custom-made furniture for your needs at Big Drawer Furniture. Call today for your free estimate.