Throw Out the Idea of ‘Drab’ Sturdy Furniture


sturdy furniture

Looking for sturdy furniture but furniture that is also beautiful? Call Big Drawers!

Fashion industry statistics show that nearly two-thirds of all American adults are considered plus-sized. While we may not agree completely with that assessment, we would agree that large and tall people have a hard time finding high quality furniture that is comfortable, elegant and sturdy.

Today it is much easier to find over-sized furniture designed to enhance the plus-size lifestyle. At Big Drawers, you will find craftsmen who custom create sturdy furniture to fit your personal needs. You can design your own office, home or outdoor furniture in the dimensions you need. Choose from the finest woods from all over the world or choose from rare, reclaimed woods from old buildings.

The term “sturdy” may bring to mind clunky, plain, heavy, drab furniture that is not very appealing to the eye. Rid yourself of that perception right now! Today’s sturdy furniture is built to beautifully enhance any décor and be comfortable for practical use. Custom-built, over-sized furniture pieces are built to last. At Big Drawers, you will find traditional building techniques such as dovetailing and mortise-and-tenon joinery used to augment the strength of each piece.

If you are an average-sized person, you probably don’t see the problem the same as a plus-size person. Imagine yourself seated in a chair from a kindergarten classroom; the chair would not be a fit, and it would be unsafe for you to remain seated in it. Further imagine that this was what you encountered every time you went out and tried to find a seat; there is a very real need for oversize, sturdy furniture.

If you are blessed with a larger- or taller-than-average-size-body, give yourself the gift of comfort, long wear and stability. Order custom-created over-sized sturdy furniture built specifically for you at Big Drawers!

Photo by jyllish

(Photo is for illustration only and is not a Big Drawers-made chair.)