Quality Furniture Design

“American furniture craftsmanship is becoming a lost art. Not at Big Drawers Furniture. Our passion shows in our custom wood furniture projects. All of our furniture is handcrafted in the USA, in Norfolk, VA. We have been asked to outsource it overseas. We refuse! This is not assembly line work, but rather a matter of pride and a labor of love.”                Andy Steinberg, Founder

At Big Drawers, we believe in the concept of quality. We use a solid woods and high quality veneers in our production. We refuse to use particle board or any glue or composite materials. “I have always been one to color outside the lines. With this concept, I am definitely bucking a trend toward cheaper mass-produced and sometimes poorly crafted products. My pieces are crafted to last a lifetime; in fact for generations”, says owner Andy Steinberg.

Custom wood furniture, custom bookshelves, custom desks

Unique custom design for a small office space

Engineered to Fit

Have you ever had a cubbyhole in your home office that is currently wasted space? We can design and install a custom desk for you. One such custom desk is pictured at left.

Maybe you have space in your home that is not being used because nothing seems to fit. This area could have housed a stack of custom bookshelves. It might have contained a small makeup vanity.

The Big Guy helps let your imagination run.

custom wood furniture, custom desks, custom woodworking

Custom dovetail drawer detail

Traditional and Modern Joinery

We expect our fine furniture, and therefore your fine furniture, to last for generations. When we join two pieces of wood we use traditional joinery such as mortise and tenon or dovetail joinery, or more modern pocket screw techniques to create lasting pieces. Be assured, your custom furniture will be built solid and built to last. We’d be happy to talk about your custom furniture ideas.

Custom wood furniture, custom bookshelves, custom desks

Reclaimed lumber helps keep us “green”.

Environmentally Sustainable Choices

Many of our clients like the ability to make eco-friendly choices. Big Drawers Furniture supports those choices whenever we can. When we find that is a less-than-optimum choice, we will advise you. Our focus is for our clients to have what they want. We frequently make suggestions of wood choices that come from managed timber forests or wood recovered from old buildings. The ultimate decision of wood choice always belongs to you.

Other Important or Unique Features
  • High quality hand-crafted manufacturing.
  • Customized choices.
  • Natural woods with natural finishes – we do not like to use stains unless specifically directed by a client.
  • For our cutting boards – food safe woods, seals, and finishes.
  • Realistic delivery times when the order is placed, especially when working with difficult woods. (Not many, but there are a few)

Please call us at (757) 623-3797 for suggestions or email The Big Guy.