Marble Bathroom Vanity Adds a Glamorous Look

A marble bathroom vanity adds a glamorous touch to any restroom. With incredibly beautiful color patterns and veins, every piece of quarried marble is unique. Due to its beauty and texture marble has historically been used to add glamour and a touch of luxury as a building material.


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Marble has also been widely used as a sculpting material; Michelangelo’s masterpiece “David” is sculpted from the best Italian marble he could obtain. The floor of the Senate in ancient Rome was decorated with designs created of various colored marble; purple marble from Egypt, white marble from the marble pits near Rome and various other colors from areas in the Roman Empire.

Limestone is the parent stone to marble. Marble is created when limestone is subjected to high pressure over a long period of time. Marble is much stronger than limestone and much more beautiful.

Modern designers often incorporate marble into their bathroom plans. For those who want their bathroom to reflect a look of luxury, no vanity top material is finer than marble. Natural marble is available in a wide array of colors; white, cream, pink, blue, grey, lavender, green, black, brown, gold and every tone in between. Natural marble is a very expressive material and used properly it will give your restroom a look of pure, timeless elegance. Each unique slab represents the culmination of a natural process that began eons ago; each slab is literally a unique piece of history.

Natural marble does require upkeep to keep it clean. Marble polish should be applied regularly to maintain the stone’s shine. Marble is a porous material and as such, will absorb liquids. For example, make-up is spilled onto an unsealed marble vanity top. The make-up will dry eventually but its coloring agents will remain; in other words, the color forms a stain in the marble. The best way to prevent staining is to seal the marble with a high quality stone surface sealer. Apply the sealer once a year; polish after each sealing.

Natural marble can be rather expensive and many find it to be cost prohibitive. Today we have an alternative to natural marble termed “cultured marble”. Cultured marble is a manufactured cast polymer material made from polyester resin and crushed marble (marble stone dust).

Cultured marble is poured into gel-coated molds; the shape of the mold determines the shape of the finished product. Manufacturer specific formulations and techniques create trademark colors, vein patterns and surface finishes. Once hardened each piece of cultured marble is turned out of the mold, trimmed up, ground down, polished and inspected before being shipped for sale.

The advantages of cultured marble are numerous; the gel-coat makes the surface waterproof, chip resistant, durable and shiny. It is easier to maintain than natural marble; it requires much less effort to retain its sheen. The one negative feature of cultured marble is that manufacturers have not been able to duplicate the veining of natural marble.

Marble has been used for millennia to enhance the beauty of man’s environment. Today we continue the age-old tradition of admiring marble in all its forms.

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Custom Bedroom Furniture for a Unique Bedroom

Custom bedroom furniture is the perfect way to create a bedroom that reflects your personality and lifestyle. You are a unique individual and as such, you have unique needs and desires. Whether you have too many clothes for your current storage capacity or too many shoes cluttering your closet, custom built furniture will solve your quandaries.

The advantages of custom built furniture are numerous. By opting for custom built you will be able to decide on all aspects of the project. Would you like contemporary or are you into antique reproductions? You chose the style, design, material and even the finish to be applied to the furniture. Choosing custom furniture allows you to create a bedroom haven where you can relax in comfort and enjoy your down time.

Another advantage of custom built furniture is that it holds its value. Mass produced furniture rarely demands a high resale price; custom built pieces on the other hand, generally hold their value. Those who find the cost of custom furniture to be prohibitive will likely find that used pieces are available at reduced prices.

High quality craftsmanship is the defining characteristic of custom furniture. Most crafters take immense pride in their work and often consider each piece as a potential heirloom. They create furniture that is built to last more than a lifetime.

There are many materials from which to choose for the building your bedroom furniture. Wood is one of the most popular materials for bedroom furniture. Nothing is more beautiful than a custom made wood headboard and footboard to add “wow” to the room. Taking it one step further, commission matching wood pieces like chests, armoire, lamp stands and an entertainment center in matching wood to make the look complete. There is a nearly endless list of types of woods from throughout the world that are available to create your perfect bedroom. Imagine your bedroom in gorgeous cherry wood or warm oak; the material you select is a huge factor is setting the mood of the room. If you want a relaxing setting, choose warm, neutral toned woods; for a more startling effect choose woods like teak or ebony.

When you decide to commission custom furniture for your bedroom, use care selecting the person to build your pieces. Check references, if possible look at some of their previous work. Look for a craftsman who is creative and innovative. Be sure to hire a builder you are comfortable working with, one who will work with you as a partner in the project. After all, your real goal is to use their skills and passions to turn your vision into reality. Don’t forget to listen to the builder’s suggestions; you are hiring not only their building skills but their expertise and knowledge.

Envision the perfect bedroom and then, put your plan into motion. Unique custom bedroom furniture is exactly what you need for creating a haven where you can relax and de-stress.


If you are interested in a custom-built bedroom, contact us for your own unique look.

Unique Custom Furniture to Fit Your Lifestyle


Custom furniture is the perfect option for adapting your environment to your unique wants and needs. Furniture shopping can be frustrating, especially if you have a vision of exactly what you want but are unable to find it. Opting to commission custom built furniture enables you to specify all the details, everything from choice of materials to dimensions are your decisions.

There are many real advantages to custom crafted furniture. Since each piece is hand-crafted to your personal specs, the piece will be totally unique. Choose your favorite wood, choose the exact dimensions to fit you comfortably and choose the style to complement your home (or office) décor. Opting for custom pieces puts you in the driver’s seat.

How many furniture shopping trips have you endured only to settle on pieces that are close to what you want but not quite right? Why settle? Look into having furniture built that fits your lifestyle and reflects your personality.


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LeBron James — Imagine him using Big Drawers Furniture! Image via Wikipedia

Over-size custom furniture is a great option for those who are larger than the average size population. Very tall persons often suffer extreme discomfort in regular sized seats. For example, imagine LeBron James seated on an average sized couch; his knees would likely be up somewhere around his chest. Such a tall person would benefit from buying furniture designed specifically to fit their long legs and torso.

Broader and heavier-than-average persons often experience embarrassment and anxiety when presented with standard seating. Average chairs may not be sturdy enough to hold the bulk of a large body; over-size furniture made specifically for heavy duty are a good choice for heavier body types. There is no need to sacrifice beauty and style for durability, craftsman design and build gorgeous heirloom quality pieces for all rooms of the home. Wider styles of furniture are also known as “chair and a half” styles.

Selecting the right craftsman for the job should be undertaken with care. Ask to see samples of their previous work; contact references if at all possible. Choose a builder that you can readily communicate with; only hire a craftsman you are comfortable with and trust. Your builder may have suggestion during the process; be certain to pay heed to their ideas. You are hiring this person for his knowledge and experience; he should know more than you about building furniture. If your builder warns you that the wood you have selected is inappropriate for your intended use, listen to their advice. Most likely, you will be very glad you did.

If you are tired of “making do” with furniture that does not fit your lifestyle, take control of the situation. Envision the furniture you want and commission pieces designed to make you happy.

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