Marble Bathroom Vanity Adds a Glamorous Look

A marble bathroom vanity adds a glamorous touch to any restroom. With incredibly beautiful color patterns and veins, every piece of quarried marble is unique. Due to its beauty and texture marble has historically been used to add glamour and a touch of luxury as a building material.


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Marble has also been widely used as a sculpting material; Michelangelo’s masterpiece “David” is sculpted from the best Italian marble he could obtain. The floor of the Senate in ancient Rome was decorated with designs created of various colored marble; purple marble from Egypt, white marble from the marble pits near Rome and various other colors from areas in the Roman Empire.

Limestone is the parent stone to marble. Marble is created when limestone is subjected to high pressure over a long period of time. Marble is much stronger than limestone and much more beautiful.

Modern designers often incorporate marble into their bathroom plans. For those who want their bathroom to reflect a look of luxury, no vanity top material is finer than marble. Natural marble is available in a wide array of colors; white, cream, pink, blue, grey, lavender, green, black, brown, gold and every tone in between. Natural marble is a very expressive material and used properly it will give your restroom a look of pure, timeless elegance. Each unique slab represents the culmination of a natural process that began eons ago; each slab is literally a unique piece of history.

Natural marble does require upkeep to keep it clean. Marble polish should be applied regularly to maintain the stone’s shine. Marble is a porous material and as such, will absorb liquids. For example, make-up is spilled onto an unsealed marble vanity top. The make-up will dry eventually but its coloring agents will remain; in other words, the color forms a stain in the marble. The best way to prevent staining is to seal the marble with a high quality stone surface sealer. Apply the sealer once a year; polish after each sealing.

Natural marble can be rather expensive and many find it to be cost prohibitive. Today we have an alternative to natural marble termed “cultured marble”. Cultured marble is a manufactured cast polymer material made from polyester resin and crushed marble (marble stone dust).

Cultured marble is poured into gel-coated molds; the shape of the mold determines the shape of the finished product. Manufacturer specific formulations and techniques create trademark colors, vein patterns and surface finishes. Once hardened each piece of cultured marble is turned out of the mold, trimmed up, ground down, polished and inspected before being shipped for sale.

The advantages of cultured marble are numerous; the gel-coat makes the surface waterproof, chip resistant, durable and shiny. It is easier to maintain than natural marble; it requires much less effort to retain its sheen. The one negative feature of cultured marble is that manufacturers have not been able to duplicate the veining of natural marble.

Marble has been used for millennia to enhance the beauty of man’s environment. Today we continue the age-old tradition of admiring marble in all its forms.

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