Eliminate Wasted Space with Custom Built-in Furniture


custom built-in furniture

Have space available? Consider using it for custom built-in furniture.

The standard modern home is built for average people; people who are of average height and weight. Is it so out of line to expect home builders to create homes that celebrate the unique, individual characteristics of potential buyers?

Perhaps the best solution to creating your own unique living space is to enlist an experienced quality craftsman to create custom built-in furniture in your home. Built-in furniture becomes a part of the home; traditionally encompassing all styles of architecture and includes furniture such as corner cupboards, closet organizers, kitchen cabinetry, libraries and more. Hand-crafted, built-in furniture combines function with the beauty of wood to provide storage and create a gorgeous focal point for any room.

There are many craftsmen advertising their services online these days. How can you tell which one to hire for your custom building needs? Decide what you want built; in other words do you have a “wasted” space you would like to make into storage or would you like to have a plus-size desk unit built into your home office? Your needs dictate what type of custom built-in furniture you will be looking for; if you have physical needs (such as being very tall or heavy weight) you will want furniture built that is stylish, larger than average and capable of standing up to heavy-duty use.

After determining exactly what you want built, you will need to decide on what sort of material you want for your new furniture. Most built-in units are built of sold wood in order to take advantage of nature’s beauty. While it is true that custom built-in furniture is not cheap to order, be aware that all solid-wood custom furniture is not created equal. Before ordering your furniture, be certain what type of wood will be used.

Shop for quality! Order your custom built-in furniture only from makers who use the best materials. For instance, look for dovetailed corners and self-closing under-mount drawer slides. Traditional and modern techniques combine to create beautiful heirloom quality units in the hands of a caring craftsman. Look for a builder who takes pride in their work, it is important to hire a builder you can count on and communicate with.

Photo by by carlos.a.martinez.