Custom Make-up Vanity

Of all the pieces that we have crafted, none had more input for custom design than the make-up vanity.  This custom vanity had input from professional make-up artists.   All of these folks have heard feedback from their clients over the years as well as the issues they had experienced.

The most desired aspect of the vanity was organized space.  A constant complaint was a place for each type of make-up within the vanity.  Depending on your cosmetic choices, we can incorporate drawers for lip liners, eye liners and lipsticks.  On either side of the work area of the make-up vanity, we incorporated trays within trays for your eye shadows and blushes.

A place to store and separate the various brushes was the next most sought after resolution.  So, the custom brush caddy was designed.  For one client, because of the numerous brushes, we crafted a caddy to hold 20 brushes.  The holes for each brush were drilled at an angle for optimum storage.  The caddy has a handle so you can lift the caddy out from the drawer and take your brushes to the sink area for cleaning.

The concept of this vanity is the time it saves for makeup application because all of your make-up is organized and easily accessible.  All the products are right there; there is no frantic search through a drawer trying to locate that favorite eye shadow or eye liner.

When you finish your makeup application, all your products go back into their designated space and you simply close the drawers and tops and have a clean and beautiful vanity.  All your makeup is in a concealed, dust-free area.

To avoid those surprise make-overs from the little ones or to prevent your teenage daughter access to Mom’s makeup, we can put locks on the vanity.  So, the make-up vanity is just as Mom left it.

And, if have your own ideas, let us know.  We will do what we can to incorporate your ideas into the vanity.  Remember, this will be a custom vanity built just for you.